Gamification Academy Training Programs

Fundamentals of Gamification (FoG) is a 4-half-days training in which the basics of gamification and the methods, tools, models being used while making a gamification design are explained. First 2-half-days of the training focuses mainly on theory. The second 2-half-days of the training is designed to ensure participants experience how to make a gamification by using GameStorm and GamePlay.
Gamification Awareness Game (GAW) is a half day game. At the end of the participants have an idea about gamification, why to use it and where to use it. This training helps participants to have a common understanding of gamification, to see the similarities in life and games and to understand what is gamification and what is not.

Gamification for HR (GHR) is a customised FoG training for HR professionals and enthusiasts. Gamification is a human centric approach and human resources works on humans. There are several mutual points, so that HR can take advantage of gamification. GHR is designed to explain the basics of gamification, the relationship between gamification and HR and experience how to make a gamification design on an HR case.