Gamification for HR (GHR)

What You Will Learn

GHR is a customised FoG training for HR professionals and enthusiasts. All cases and examples are prepared with HR cases.

During the 4-half-days, participants are going to 

  • see how big the impact of the games are on human motivation 
  • understand the similarities and the differences between game and life
  • learn what the gamification is 
  • understand what makes games motivating 
  • see many examples of HR gamification projects
  • experience how to make a gamification design on an HR case
Course Objectives
  • Clear understanding of the game concept 
  • Clear understanding of what gamification is
  • Introducing the basic game elements
  • Learning what the background of games and gamification is
  • Understanding the bonds between gamification and HR
  • Showing gamification examples of HR cases
  • Experiencing a gamification design process using GameStorm and GamePlay
Why Gamification Academy

Gamification Academy provides the highest quality gamification training, training materials and certified Gamification Masters (GM) as instructors. Gamification Academy is the only organization providing internationally valid certifications over a gamification curriculum.

Gamification Masters bring their own style and experience to the training, but use the same materials so that participants are learning from the same content regardless of who the trainee is or where the training takes place. 

Who Should Attend

Anyone who works as a HR professional, wants to start a career in HR and improve herself/himself on HR.

Course Topics
  • Games
  • Gamification
  • Frequently used elements
  • Specific gamification examples on HR cases
  • Rewards
  • Motivation
  • Flow Theory
  • B.J. Fogg Behaviour Model
  • 9 Steps to Make a Gamification Design
  • Examples
  • Experiencing gamification design on GameStrom and GamePlay

All participants completing the Fundamentals of Gamification training can enter Gamification for HR (GHR) certification exam two times for free. The first attempt expires in 15 days, so they need to try their chance. If they do not score at least %60, they can use their second chance anytime they want.