Gamification Expert Empowerment Program (GEEP)

What You Will Learn

GEEP is a very comprehensive 4 week gamification training program. Every week a half-day training session takes place. Between the training days participants prepare homeworks, read sources and take quizzes. According to quiz results, that week’s training takes shape.

GEEP prepares the participant for the GL1 certification exam and supports participants to dive deep into the topics of the training.

Instructor gives homeworks, provides sources and assesses the quizzes prior to the following training session.

This is a gamified program. Participants compete among themselves. 

During the 4 weeks, participants are going to 

  • see the game concept from a different perspective
  • understand the gamification concept
  • study on scientific background of games and gamification
  • experience how to make a gamification design step by step
  • discuss every topic and every gamification design step 
Course Objectives
  • Clear understanding of the game concept 
  • Clear understanding of what gamification is
  • Introducing the basic game elements and their area of use
  • Learning what the background of games and gamification is and how to use it
  • Experiencing a gamification design process step by step using GameStorm and GamePlay
  • Reading documents, watching videos and discussing on the topics
Why Gamification Academy

Gamification Academy provides the highest quality gamification training, training materials and certified Gamification Masters (GM) as instructors. Gamification Academy is the only organization providing internationally valid certifications over a gamification curriculum.

Gamification Masters bring their own style and experience to the training, but use the same materials so that participants are learning from the same content regardless of who the trainee is or where the training takes place.

Who Should Attend

Content of the training is designed specifically for trainers.

Course Topics
  • Games
  • Gamification
  • Frequently used elements
  • Rewards
  • Motivation
  • Flow Theory
  • B.J. Fogg Behaviour Model
  • Examples
  • Experiencing gamification design on GameStrom and GamePlay

All participants completing the GEEP training can enter the Gamification Level 1 (GL1) certification exam two times for free. The first attempt expires in 15 days, so they need to try their chance. If they do not score at least  60 points, they can use their second chance anytime they want.

Additionally, all participants get a certificate of participation by the entitled institute of the instructor at the end of training.